Can Blowing Water with a Pipette Help with Constipation?

Many children tend to grab their poop or pee.  This may be due to the fact that
the child is not yet ready for toilet training or has not fully completed toilet
training. In addition, children feel pain and suffering because they have
difficulty removing their accumulated hard and dry poop, and this may tend to
hold on to causing fear in the child. If this problem is not solved at an early
time, it may cause chronic constipation and continue to complain for many

Blowing water with a pipette sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But balloon
inflating or blowing is a great way to help kids poop on the toilet comfortably.

How does blowing help us defecate?

  1. During blowing, the pelvic floor muscles relax, and the change in our
    intra-abdominal pressure helps with urination and defecation.
  2. In the exercise of blowing water with a straw, the child tries to remove
    bubbles in the water. You can make it a race and make a game of ‘Who
    will bubble more’ or ‘Who will blow longer’. This will increase
    applicability and encourage the child to turn into play.
  3. In children with constipation, we often see a maneuver to hold the stool.
    When defecating, the child squeezes himself, pushes or tends to hold the
    toilet bowl. Blowing water with a straw in the toilet or playing a balloon
    inflating game can help with urination and defecation.

You can put a bag with toys with which you can play wind games where your
child makes his toilet. These games are; it can be by balloon blowing, feather
blowing, pipette blowing into water, wind musical instrument, etc.

Your child should feel safe when they sit on the toilet. You can put a toilet stool
in front of the toilet bowl where your child toilets, so that his knees cross hip
level and make it easier for him to defecate. At the same time, if the toilet is
too big for the child, it may not feel safe. You can take a toilet apparatus and
help the child to make his toilet comfortable.
The ideal time for defecation varies from child to child. However, in general,
15-20 minutes after eating is the appropriate time to go to the toilet. The
digesting reflex of the stomach after eating initiates the gastrocolic reflex in the
intestines and helps with excretion.
You can encourage your child by rewarding him when he sits on the toilet.
However, here again, you should pay attention to the dose of rewarding and
not excessive.