WHAT IS PELVIC SOLE?The pelvic floor is a structure consisting of muscles, ligaments and fascia thatsupport […]
WHAT IS TENNIS ELBOW?The lateral epicondyle is the common starting point of the tendons of the […]
Many children tend to grab their poop or pee.  This may be due to the fact […]
The pelvic floor muscles are very important in every period of a woman’s life.Its importance increases […]
This problem, known as bedwetting or enuresis nocturna, is defined as incontinenceduring nighttime sleep in children […]
Bedwetting problem at night is a health condition that should not beexpected to pass over time […]
The approval of the physician must be obtained before exercising duringpregnancy. It is important to comply […]
In order to prepare the best environment for the baby, many physiological andendocrine changes occur in […]
Pregnancy; It affects the musculoskeletal system as well as the cardiovascular,endocrine and renal systems in women. […]
In dysfunctional voiding problems, children contract the pelvic floormuscles or sphincter during urination due to the […]