Exercise During Pregnancy

The approval of the physician must be obtained before exercising during
pregnancy. It is important to comply with the restrictions specified by the
physician afterwards.

Women who exercise before pregnancy can continue to exercise by making
some changes during pregnancy. However, women who do not exercise before
pregnancy can start light-paced exercises in the first 3 months of pregnancy,
such as walking and swimming, which will not require excessive effort, will not
tire too much and are not likely to be injured.

It is important to continue exercising regularly during pregnancy. The expectant
mother who does not have any health problems can regularly exercise for at
least 20 minutes 3 to 5 times a week.

Body temperature should not rise too high during exercises. As soon as the
increase in temperature begins, it passes to the baby. For this reason, a small
rest break can be taken to prevent the risks that may occur. Exercise programs

should not push the mother too hard. Exercises without panting are more
It is very important to avoid very challenging exercise programs and walks that
leave the expectant mother breathless. Exercises need to be done without
forcing the body. Forced movements and programs must be rearranged.
Stretches and relaxation movements should be included in exercise programs.