How to Tell If Your Child Is Constipated

It will be enough to keep a weekly bowel diary to understand that your child is
What are the symptoms of constipation?
– Your child doesn’t want to go to the bathroom to poop. At this time,
crossing his legs and squeezing his hips can be seen. As you postpone
pooping, it stiffens inside This may be due to painful and difficult
defecation before, and the child may not want to go to the toilet due to
fear. Many children may have anal cracks and don’t want to poop
because of the pain they feel by pooping. Or they may not want to go to
a toilet outside their own home.
– There may be poop in the form of infection in the child’s underwear. This
is seen in children with long-term constipation when new poop leaks
from among the old hard poop into the underwear.
– He may cry while pooping or show signs of being very strained.
– They can poop very large.
– You may complain of very foul-smelling poop or foul-smelling gas.