Pelvic Sole Rehabilitation in Pregnancy

The pelvic floor muscles are very important in every period of a woman’s life.
Its importance increases especially in pregnancy, childbirth, after birth and
during menopause.

Pelvic floor muscles are involved in urination, defecation, sexual function,
postural stabilization.
The decrease in the function of these muscles leads to urinary incontinence,
constipation and decreased sexual function.
According to studies, one out of every 4 women has a urinary incontinence
problem. One of the causes of this problem in women is that the pelvic floor
muscles are tired during pregnancy and childbirth and lose their healthy
functioning function. For this reason, pelvic floor rehabilitation during
pregnancy is very important. This rehabilitation prepares the expectant mother
for birth, reduces the risk of episiotomy in normal birth, prevents the formation
of hemorrhoids, facilitates postpartum recovery.