Postpartum Period Physiotherapy

Pregnancy; It affects the musculoskeletal system as well as the cardiovascular,
endocrine and renal systems in women. Just as hormonal changes in the
mother’s body affect the body mass index, the growth of the uterus causes a
change in the center of gravity and, accordingly, leads to some changes in the
In the period of pregnancy and postpartum, joint disorders are common in the
In particular, it has been observed that low back pain complaints are higher in
pregnancy and postpartum period than other complaints. Musculoskeletal
system changes seen during pregnancy also reduce the mother’s quality of life.

In the postpartum period, the aim is to strengthen the mother’s pelvic floor
muscles that are stretched during pregnancy, to perform exercises for common
urinary incontinence complaints after birth, to correct the mother’s
deteriorated posture, to ensure correct diaphragmatic breathing and postural
stabilization, to reduce back hip back pain.
In addition, it positively affects the psychology of the mother with the exercises
performed after birth.